Why improve your writing skills?

Written communication has never been so important. In a world where people resort to emails rather than phone calls, and blogs rather than letters, knowing how to make your writing effective is vital to success.

Good grammar is credibility, especially on the Internet. Poor punctuation and disorganised sentence structures not only confuse a reader but also detract from your authority, making the wrong impression.

Good grammar is also good business; and in good business, details are everything. If your writing doesn’t show you care about the details of punctuation, structure or grammar, people might presume you don’t care about other details. In blog posts and emails, or even on Facebook, your words are all you have – so make them count.

Accurate use of grammar and punctuation will transform your writing and help you communicate in the way you intended. If you wonder about apostrophes, or avoid semi-colons at all costs, a little help will go a very long way.

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I have run my own business for over four years.   I found myself spending a disproportionate amount of time writing marketing communications, and spent hours of my life checking and re-checking my work, never quite feeling comfortable with the end result.

eastuition offered me a cost-effective package to increase the quality of my written communication.  We examined grammar, different styles and writing confidence.  I committed to 15 sessions over three months.

The outcome was nothing short of amazing. 

The quality of my work improved beyond recognition.  My writing style has become more powerful and sophisticated.  But what really surprised me – mainly thanks to Sarah-Jane’s personality – was the enormous amount of business confidence that I’ve gained.  Within a few days of completing the course, I could see the impact in my business development activities.  I also spend a lot less time procrastinating over marketing messages.

I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend eastuition to help you with your confidence and accuracy of your written communication.  For me, the cost of the course has already paid back in time saved and new business wins.

If you are considering using eastuition, then just do it.  I can honestly say that Sarah-Jane has had a significant impact on the success of my business.

I can’t thank you enough.

Donald TurnerPartner (BlueGreen Business Development)


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