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With life locked down and June still a long way off, times are tough. 

We do what we can to create structure in our days but there are only so many times we can clean the house, watch a film, or sort cupboards before thoughts race again.

But there is a way to take back control.


By giving ourselves new purpose. An ongoing project.

A new place to visit each day that will stop us from counting the hours by making the hours count for something more.

With a proven link between learning, creativity and mental agility, you’ll be giving your brain the workout it needs to stay strong through these times.

Reason enough.

Online tutorials

Twice a week, our Creative Writing tutorials will open up your creativity and let good distractions in. Whether you’ve always fancied fiction or you want to capture your life in words, there’s never been a better time to put pen to paper.

Suitable for amateur writers of all levels, from complete beginners to the more experienced, our tutorial workshops draw on a variety of sources and activities, with innovative exercises and teaching methods to make words leap from the page.


Online one-to-one coaching

Always wanted to find out if there is a book in you?

For adults looking for greater focus and support, our online one-to-one coaching sessions tailor learning to individual projects and needs, providing structure and goals amidst the chaos.