individual needs

We know that one approach doesn’t fit all; eastuition cares about difference.
Before we do anything, we ask all students a variety of searching questions to establish their individual preferences and mindset for learning. Perhaps for the first time, students learn how best they learn.
In addition, students take part in a pre-tuition investigation which establishes existing knowledge, identifies areas of confidence or confusion and highlights personal targets.
But that’s merely the start of it.
The first session is used exclusively to get to know the student. What makes them tick? What spurs them on? What stops them reaching goals?
Using a variety of strategies, we find out about the person behind the predicted grade. Interests. Hobbies. Hopes, dreams and fears. It all matters. Learning is more than just ‘head stuff’.

Once we’ve got a full picture, we tailor tuition specifically to meet that student’s academic needs, targeting weaknesses and building upon strengths. Only then can the process begin.

small groups

At eastuition we know that group-learning contributes to academic progress, but we also know how easily voices go unheard if a group is too large.
That’s why we keep all class groups small: a maximum of 4 for private tuition and 8-12 in a class.
In a small group, students have the courage to ask questions and admit academic difficulties they may be reluctant to bring to a classroom setting.

Small groups help students build confidence and explore and develop ideas.


One of the most common complaints from learners is that their teacher doesn’t listen to them. At eastuition, we don’t just listen, we hear, and we adapt our approach accordingly.
We know the only way to work through a block is to tackle it. eastuition gives students the time, attention and space to acknowledge academic difficulties, develop strategies to overcome them and practise new skills.
Regular feedback is vital to ensure progress and develop confidence. In addition to individual feedback throughout the tuition session, there is email support between sessions to clarify individual queries and reinforce strengths.
If students choose our Superior or Deluxe packages, essay or maths’ task help is included, and detailed feedback is provided in video format so issues can be addressed away from the sessions at the student’s own pace.

With regular and consistent feedback, students always know where they’re at. Close support helps them feel on top of things, and when they’re in control of their own learning, progress is immense.

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