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To help you through these turbulent times, eastuition has everything you need to keep momentum high and boredom low.

online one-to-one tuition 

To keep learning on track and give students support and structure while they’re out of school, eastuition provides tailored tuition with examiner expertise to build skills and confidence.

Before we do anything, we ask all students a variety of searching questions to establish their individual preferences and mindset for learning. Perhaps for the first time, students learn how best they learn.

But that’s merely the start of it.

The first session is used exclusively to get to know each student. What makes you tick? What spurs you on? What stops you reaching goals?

Using a variety of strategies, we find out about the person behind the predicted grade. Interests. Hobbies. Hopes, dreams and fears. It all matters. Learning is more than just ‘head stuff’.

Once we’ve got a full picture, we tailor one-to-one tuition specifically to meet that student’s academic needs, targeting weaknesses and building upon strengths. Only then can the process begin.

online study-buddy tuition groups

At eastuition we know that group-learning contributes to academic progress, especially when students are trying to grapple with their studies in isolation.

That’s why we encourage small groups that students have chosen for themselves, to bolster support and boost morale.

With buddies who share studies, students have the courage to ask questions and admit academic difficulties they may be reluctant to bring to a classroom setting.

Study Buddy groups help students build confidence and explore ideas together, at discounted fees.

online tutorials

At eastuition we appreciate that individual tuition isn’t for everyone which is why we also offer online tutorials to adults and exam students alike covering exams subjects and creative writing.

In sessions designed to deliver content, build skills, and inspire independent thinking, our online tutorials give you the chance to supplement school or learn something new in ways you never thought possible.

Our tutorials maintain academic momentum and provide creative zest.