Study Buddy Scheme

You get tuition with the friends that get you.

We’re all different, especially when it comes to learning.

Some of us like to be taught one-to-one, spurred by the individual attention and a chance to find our own way, whilst others prefer to study with friends, buoyed by shared goals and a sense of healthy competition, especially in these times of disruption.

Whatever your preference, eastuition has it covered.

Why study with your buddies?

One-to-one tuition is ideal for those who prefer to focus on academic needs independently. But if such individual focus isn’t your thing, there’s always the option of tailored tuition with two or three friends to make progress easy and to replicate a sense of classroom learning again.

When you study with your buddies you share the same journey, and because you’re on the same path, you take the same steps, helping each other as you go. Individual goals become group goals too, meaning you get actively involved in everyone’s learning. And when you’re actively involved, magic happens.

What are the benefits of small-group study?

  • Tailored tuition with like-minded friends

  • Closer connection in familiar ways

  • Active help and group encouragement

  • Increased confidence in your abilities

  • Cooperative learning to scaffold progress

  • Group goals with individual accountability

  • Friendly competition to keep you motivated

  • Teamwork and a collaborative approach

  • Better social competence and self-esteem

  • Raised achievement and increased productivity

  • Discounted tuition fees

Share tuition and save fees


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2 students = 25% off

3 students = 33% off

4 students = 50% off

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