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Creative Writing through COVID

With lives locked down and fear now coming from all directions, the world as we knew it has changed. And with such dramatic differences, any sense of control we might have had has all but fallen away, leaving us in a state of flux that is hard to understand and even tougher to deal with.

Add to that the anxiety, isolation, loss and grief that we’re all experiencing, and it’s no wonder we’re finding it hard to switch off.

But switch off we must if we’re going to get through.

Not in a way that numbs us, or squashes the feelings that we have, but in a way that allows us to retreat within ourselves and bring out what’s there in a healthy form of expression.

The best way?


And that’s how we can help.


‘We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.’ 

J.K. Rowling

We’re all creative beings and creativity drives our lives. From music to mechanics, art to accountancy, creative thinking will be at the heart of problem-solving and at the head of success. Creativity enriches us.

And it’s not all about arts, crafts and music.

Creativity is the ability to generate ideas and solutions that are both original and feasible. It’s the asking ourselves what if? The divergent thinking ‘outside the box’ that comes from letting the mind wander. Creativity lies at our outer edges.

That can be a scary place.

In a world where things are controlled and limited, so very black and white, the grey areas of creativity can often feel daunting, and, as creativity is personal and potentially profound, it may feel tricky to know how to cultivate it.

But rest assured that creativity is a very natural and important process in coming to terms with our place in the world. In helping us work through our stuff. Creativity is a gift we need to receive, now more than ever.

“Logic will take you from ‘a’ to ‘b’. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

Creativity is our sky with no ceiling.

So, where do we find it?

Somewhere deep inside.

Creativity lives in a state of flow. A place where we don’t pay any attention to the end result or how far it’s strayed from the idea we first came up with.

Creativity lives in the engagement of originality. In the escape to the nonsensical. In the fun for fun’s sake.

Creativity lives in a lack of rules and goals. A place you can enjoy without limits. Without fear of getting things wrong.

Creativity comes when we stop and go within. When we find our deepest essence.

When we let ourselves believe that we’re more than our current circumstances.

That the strength we need is already within us.


“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”


There are thousands of words inside us just waiting to be written. And now, more than ever, those words need your voice. Whether for fiction or journals, memoirs or blogs, the voice within will thank you for letting it out.

And finding that voice is a magical process.

When we let our pens roam with our imaginations, we unleash what we didn’t know we had.

We get a better understanding of ourselves.

We confront time and history.

We gather experiences.

We explore meaning.

We garner strength.

We cope.


Creative Writing Coach, Sarah-Jane Page, is an experienced tutor and writer signed by Ella Kahn of DKW Literary Agency.

You couldn’t be better represented.

Creativity is a natural process that can’t be taught, but with the right approach, it can be accessed.

Creative Writing happens in exploring the ‘writing’ and facilitating the ‘creative’.

eastuition can show you how to see creative writing from the inside out.

By observing the techniques and devices of fiction, and by practising writing yourselves, you learn to appreciate the art and craft of writing in ways you didn’t think possible.

We don’t teach formulae to make students better writers, instead we aim to make writers better students by encouraging originality, promoting difference, and pointing out pitfalls. With specialist guidance and online advice, you find the way in your own way.

Online tutorials

Twice a week we’re streaming live and interactive tutorials to guide you to that state of flow and give you the skills you need to express your words on the page. With innovative exercises and informative advice, you learn how to express yourself on the page. Whether only for your pleasure, or in writing for others to share, your written words will speak in ways you never knew they could.

One-to-one coaching online

For those looking for closer support and structure, Sarah-Jane provides one-to-one coaching online.


I just wish I’d found eastuition from the very start of my writing journey.

I’ve attended various courses in the past to try and hone my writing skills, but eastuition is in a different league!

The way Sarah-Jane combines her teaching skills with her writing knowledge is a magic combination, and I have learnt more in the last few weeks than I have in the last ten years. Even my grammar has improved. It’s really highlighted for me how important it is to find a teacher who can really teach.

Sarah-Jane is so passionate about writing, it’s contagious. I walk out of every session buzzing with motivation and bundles of confidence.

Diane, Aldeburgh

Read what others have said in response to our creative writing coaching:

“Absolutely fantastic and well above any expectation.”


“Really gave me the push I needed.”


“SJ’s enthusiasm is wonderful and kept us on our toes.”


“The tasks were challenging, but in a good way.”


“Fantastic to spend some dedicated time developing your own skills.”


“Pitched just right.”


“It’s given me the confidence to actually put pen to paper and attempt my first story.”


“Good way to get the little grey cells moving.”


“Definitely made me less afraid to just get started and keep going no matter what.”


“Lots of praise was good.”


“Now have the tools to cast a critical eye over my writing.”


“I feel more confident in moving forward with my writing.”