One-to-one tuition equips, assists and supports students when they need it most.

Student-centred focus brings out the best in abilities and guarantees structure and success.


No matter how capable students are, with schools now closed, learning has slowed or come to an abrupt stop. And however fun and freeing that may seem for a while, it won’t take long for students to lose academic momentum and set themselves at a disadvantage for the exams next year. 

Don’t let learning lapse. 

Keep things on track and scaffold students so they can feel ahead of the rest when schools open again. 

eastuition has an outstanding track record in boosting confidence, raising achievement and improving grades in English (Language and Literature), Maths and Spanish.

With Tuition Programmes of four weekly sessions and support in between, skills are refined and confidence grows. Once students are empowered by their own progress, potential’s limitless again.

Individual tuition

One-to-one study online with eastuition gives all students the motivation and purpose that schools will now struggle to give in the ways they used to.

With regular support and guided help, students have the chance to address academic needs, confront weaker areas and practise key skills without distractions.

Every session is devoted to, and guided by, the student’s individual needs, enabling deeper understanding and accelerated progress.

With schools having to take a more generic approach, students won’t have the individual attention they need.

Yet when a student feels acknowledged as an individual, they are empowered to reach further than they thought possible, and their confidence rockets. One-to-one tuition ensures students get to the bottom of what’s holding them back so they can reach their goals.

Small-group tuition

If individual focus isn’t your thing or you long to learn with your peers, eastuition recommends the Study Buddy Scheme as a way to make progress and boost confidence amongst friends.

In groups of two, three or four, learning becomes collaborative and teamwork bolsters skills, especially in these isolating times.

With buddies who share studies, all individual goals become group goals too, meaning you get actively involved in everyone’s learning. And it’s when you’re actively involved that the real magic happens.


One of the most common challenges for learners, especially now school is out, is that their teacher can’t listen to them.

At eastuition we don’t just listen, we hear, and we adapt our approach accordingly.

On our one-to-one tuition programmes, regular feedback is vital to ensure progress and develop confidence. In addition to feedback throughout the tuition session, there is email support between sessions to clarify individual queries and reinforce strengths, as well as evaluations with video feedback.

With regular and consistent feedback, you always know where you’re at. Close support helps you feel on top of things, and when you’re in control of your own learning, progress is immense.

  • Sessions tailored to individual needs of each student
  • Analysis of individual learning preferences and objectives
  • Activities geared to learning strengths
  • Close study and targeted practice in-line with exam board specifications
  • Feedback and open dialogue
  • Examiner-expertise
  • Targets matched to individual goals
  • Tasks for the time between sessions
  • Rapid progress
  • Increased confidence
  • Email support between sessions
  • Task feedback in video format



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