learn the easy way

With eastuition, students learn in ways they’ve never learnt before, almost without realising they’re learning. And once they start fulfilling their potential, they aim higher still, reaching levels they never knew they could reach. It’s an exciting process that builds confidence and guarantees results.
Our teaching style is creative, multi-layered and thorough. We embrace difference and recognise that no two students learn in the same way. We encourage a growth mind-set.
All activities are tailored to complement different learning styles and personality types.
With a laser-focus on active participation, we take students on a learning journey where subject-specific content and exam-focussed criteria are prominent, not dominant.

learn a new way

Throughout a school career, many students develop false perceptions of their own ability and the subjects they’re studying, either because of formative assessment results or as a result of other students’ attitudes and behaviour. Such beliefs hinder progress and cause students to underachieve.
eastuition offers all students the chance to look at a subject in a new light and to start afresh in a welcoming environment where past performance is immaterial.
We don’t judge our students, or rank them against government-set levels or statistics. All we ask is that students come prepared to alter their perceptions about their potential and their approach to learning. We know they’ll surprise themselves.

learn without limits

Students grow to the level of expectation they’re set, which is why at eastuition we don’t set limits.
Instead we equip, motivate and encourage students to reach further than they think they can. And they do. Always.

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