GCSE and A-Level Students

With learning disrupted and progress under the microscope, students have a lot to deal with, especially those midway through their GCSE or A-Level courses.

Not only do they have to motivate themselves to keep their learning on track, they’ve also got to judge how effective their approach to learning is. And that’s really hard when you don’t know where you’re going wrong or how to make things right.

Left to their own devices, students will lose motivation and progress will stop, leaving them further behind.

But there is a better way.

Bring learning home

Thanks to bespoke online help with examiners and subject specialists, eastuition students can feel supported and engaged in their studies during these turbulent times.

Online live and interactive tutorials

Our GCSE and A-Level live tutorials address academic concepts that students will find difficult to fathom on their own. With examiner guidance and interactive tasks, students can scaffold their independent work and develop study habits that will underpin their approach to learning.

When skills are ticking over, students gain momentum and progress moves in all the right directions.

Online one-to-one tuition

For students who need closer support, our online one-to-one GCSE or A-Level programmes tailor learning to individual needs. And then students become active learners again, engaged and switched on. With open dialogue and exam focus, we work with different approaches until we find the one that works.

Once individual learning’s cracked, progress happens and potential breaks through.