GCSE English Language: understanding non-fiction texts – ‘read between the lines’

GCSE English Language

read between the lines

reading & understanding

non-fiction texts


  • suitable for AQA / Edexcel / OCR / WJEC exam boards
  • tailored to GCSE students entered for Higher Tier and aiming for grades A* – C


English Language GCSE counts – for a lot. Whether you want to go to university, enrol on a vocational course or find a job, a good grade in English will help you get there.

read between the lines provides a firm scaffold for understanding the functional elements of written English so you can approach the language paper with confidence.


how the workshop can help

read between the lines shows you exactly what examiners are looking for. By drawing on a variety of sources, you will learn how to identify a writer’s craft and analyse techniques that convey meaning so you can transfer your reading skills to any text.

When you read between the lines, it all makes sense.


what to expect


  • detailed outline of exam criteria
  • tailored explanations of technical terms to describe features of writing and presentational devices
  • close analysis of the techniques that convey meaning and message in a variety of texts
  • practice on summarising and selecting information from a body of text
  • exercises and activities to improve textual interpretation
  • analysis and discussion of linguistic techniques and presentational devices in a range of non-fiction genres:
  • functional texts (information leaflets, charity posters)
  • media sources (websites, blogs)
  • literary non-fiction (travelogues, biographies)
  • past paper practice, discussion and analysis of successful responses that reach the highest grades, with close reference to examiner reports
  • individual feedback



what to pay


  • £ 75 – includes all study materials and refreshments

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