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Imagine if an examiner could spend 15-20 minutes talking through every line of your essay?

Or suppose someone could tell you exactly what an Admissions’ Officer will notice about your Personal Statement?

With eastuition Extra, we can do just that.

Extra is a feedback-only service designed to hone essay technique and polish personal statements. You email your work, pay the fee, and within a few days you’ll get an annotated document with detailed video feedback that talks you through every line of your work.

Practice really does make perfect.


Whilst understanding, knowledge and preparation are vital components of exam confidence, the key to success is getting it down on paper in the right way.

In the run-up to exams, what matters most is practice – again and again – until it feels like second nature. However, no amount of practice can make perfect if mistakes are being repeated and exam criteria is going unnoticed.

eastuition Extra guarantees to help you spot what you can’t always see on your own, so you know how to keep hitting the mark.

Your GCSE or A-Level English essay is scrutinised from an examiner’s perspective and marked against the rigours of exam assessment objectives.

Honest feedback from experienced examiners.



UCAS Personal Statements

47 lines. 4000 characters. One shot.

Examiners or university admissions’ officers are trained to find the diamonds in the rough. But to stand out, you’ve got to sparkle through everything you write.

With eastuition Extra you’ll learn how to get the balance right and polish your statement until it glitters.

Your UCAS personal statement is assessed from an admissions officer’s perspective and dissected with the competition in mind.

Give yourself the chance to shine.



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submission subjects

You can submit a task or essay under any of the following categories:

  • GCSE English Language and Literature

  • GCSE Spanish

  • AS / A-Level Spanish

  • A-Level Creative Writing

  • UCAS Personal Statements

  • Undergraduate Spanish / English / Creative Writing

what to expect with eastuition Extra:

    • Suggestions on how to make the essay practice as exam-authentic as possible

    • Essay scrutiny and board-specific assessment by an experienced examiner

    • Detailed feedback with current UCAS and Admissions’ Officers’ advice

    • Critical annotations throughout

    • Video with audio commentary in line with exam mark schemes and assessment objectives

    • Task ‘turn-around’ within five working days

    • Tips and methods to manage revision time, adopt a strong work ethic and form positive habits

    • Tips and advice for UCAS interviews

    • A wide choice of exam questions taken from past papers, if required

    • Enthusiastic encouragement that drives students forwards

    • Individual attention that boosts confidence


Include full evaluation, annotated document and detailed feedback in video format


£ 40 for GCSE essay service and examiner feedback

£ 45 for A-Level essay service and examiner feedback

£49 for UCAS Personal Statement or undergraduate essay service and detailed feedback





Email your essay or UCAS statement to sarahjane@eastuition.co.uk

You’ll then be sent details of how to pay and what turn-around time to expect.

Please note, the service will not commence until full payment is received.


One task. Limitless feedback.

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