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Our A-Level Subjects

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

With A-Level standards as high as they are and predictions soon to come, it’s more important than ever that Sixth Form students keep their learning on track. 

The balance between knowledge and application at A-Level is key to a good grade, and unless students know how to meet individual assessment objectives in seamless ways, potential won’t be reached.

To give students the best chance possible, we offer just what they need at this crucial stage in their academic journey.

A small investment now will pay huge dividends later. 

Subjects at A-Level:

The study of literature at A-Level is more than just reading a book and knowing what happens.

Students need to show they can interpret intention, peel back the writer’s craft to reveal meaning, make connections to the context of the time, consider alternative interpretations, and build a convincing argument. No easy task.

eastuition equips students with the right tools to approach their texts critically and analytically. 

With a variety of activities and tasks, we take students on an exciting journey into the authors’ worlds. With renewed enthusiasm, students will soon be able to interpret and explain what lies beneath the words on the page.

eastuition students learn to tackle the importance of language, structure and form whilst exploring the wider social purpose and cultural precepts that inform the text.

Students are shown how to move from general commentary to micro-analysis providing clear evidence in support of their own interpretations. With past paper practice, discussion and analysis of top-band responses, students discover how to succeed and excel.

why eastuition for A-Level English Literature support?

Most tuition companies offer a ‘blanket’ approach to improving skills, reacting to differences in equal ways. At eastuition we start by recognising students as individuals and responding to them in different ways.

eastuition matches strategies to the student’s individual learning approach. Once we’ve established preferences in an approach to learning, we tailor tuition to bring out the very best in a student’s abilities.

eastuition consolidates basic skills, develops understanding and focuses on exam techniques so the student is thoroughly equipped for whatever the question asks.

All support is specifically geared towards Exam Board specifications – AQA, Edexcel and OCR. With experience as an A-Level English Literature examiner, Sarah-Jane provides comprehensive coverage of subject content from an examiner’s perspective, combined with expertise and effective teaching strategies.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Not only is eastuition‘s Spanish Tutor, Sarah-Jane, a qualified teacher and examiner but she’s also an experienced interpreter who’s lived and worked in Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.


why eastuition for A-Level Spanish support?

eastuition helps students to build enthusiasm for language learning whilst encouraging consideration of the language in a broader context so they can tackle the exams with confidence.

In order to reach the highest grades at A-Level, students need to show linguistic flair and competence. Such language skills can’t be crammed in with last-minute revision, but need constant and gradual nourishment in order to flourish.

Spanish may appear easy to learn but it’s tricky to master. Unless you can conjugate verbs or manipulate tenses, progress will be slow. We begin by ensuring a firm scaffold for understanding grammar so students can learn the patterns, avoid the pitfalls and express themselves effectively. Once the grammar’s clear, everything else makes much more sense.

eastuition clears up what’s unclear and helps students move beyond the blocks. During a tuition session, all four skills are practised and students are encouraged to communicate in Spanish, regardless of mistakes they may make. Only then can confidence grow.

Learning a language requires dedication and discipline that can be tough to balance alone – with eastuition, a little help goes a very long way.

why eastuition for Year 12 Maths support?

The jump from GCSE to A-Level is always significant, but in Maths it’s a giant leap.

Unless students have a secure grasp of key skills, particularly in Algebra, progress will be limited.

eastuition‘s Maths’ Tutor, Gill, supports students in learning the new procedures and methods in Lower Sixth Maths.

To build strong foundations, students will look closely at the trickier elements of Pure Maths (co-ordinate geometry; differentiation; integration; exponential and logarithms, to name but a few) and reach a deeper understanding of how things add up.

Once the gap is bridged, students are empowered to forge their own path and move ahead with confidence.