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With learning interrupted and the pressure really on, students might need a little extra attention to clear up confusion or bolster weak skills. Whereas, if you leave those doubts to linger, then confidence dips, interest wanes, and before you know it, progress stops altogether. 

eastuition has it covered.

Our online one-to-one tuition programmes of four weekly sessions and fully-supportive features are designed to deepen learning and builds skills so confidence is boosted and potential fulfilled.

Thanks to tailored help and close support between sessions, students are empowered and motivated, achieving more and aiming higher than they ever thought they could.

And when the exams arrive next year, rather than feeling under-prepared and unsure of what’s required, students glide through each question, confident they’re getting the grade.

They do themselves justice.


The Superior Programme provides comprehensive support in A-Level English, Spanish or Maths (Year 12 only) to hone skills, speed progress and boost confidence. With four intensive tuition sessions and unlimited support in between, students deepen understanding and clear up doubts.

The programme includes a monthly Task Evaluation where students email or scan a task or essay that’s scrutinised from an examiner’s perspective and assessed against exam assessment objectives. Students receive feedback in video format where they’re talked through their work line by line, discovering key strengths and areas for improvement.

For A-Level students wanting to commit to learning and accelerate progress, Superior steps on the gas and gets them to where they want to be, faster.

Superior fee includes: Four sessions of 75 minutes. Practice materials. Unlimited email support. Task evaluation with examiner feedback. Report at the end of the four-week block.

A fully comprehensive Programme, Deluxe provides the ultimate in intensive tuition and close support in English, Spanish or Maths (Year 12 only) to maximise exam potential, adding further teaching time and practice on to the Superior programme.

In four 90-minute sessions, students will commit to their learning and make more progress than they thought possible. Not only will they practise skills and perfect techniques, but they’ll start to see their work through the eyes of an examiner, tweaking responses to hit the highest grades.

Thanks to two Task Evaluations every four weeks (or one each on the Study Buddy Scheme), students quickly master the key to success – getting it all down on paper in ways that impresses examiners. With greater self-awareness, students are attuned to success and know exactly what they have to do to reach it.

For committed A-Level students prepared to challenge their learning, Deluxe raises expectations and encourages excellence.

Deluxe fee includes: Four sessions of 90 minutes. Practice materials. Unlimited email support. TWO task evaluations with examiner feedback. Report at the end of the four-week block.


Intensive Tuition Session5 hours
(4 x 75 minutes)
6 hours
(4 x 90 minutes)
Video Task Evaluation2 per Programme (one each on Study Buddy Scheme)Weekly (or two each on Study Buddy Scheme)
Feedback via email, audio, or phoneYesYes
Weekly Study MaterialsYesYes
Student LevelGCSE
Email SupportUnlimitedUnlimited


Study Buddy Scheme

Share tuition and save fees

For small groups, the following discounts apply on the programme’s fee

Study Buddy Scheme

2 students = 25% off

3 students = 33% off

4 students = 50% off

Our A-Level Tutors

Qualified and highly-experienced teachers and tutors, and current Examiners for either AQA, Edexcel or Cambridge exam boards.


Superior Fee
1 student: £341

2 students: £253 each

3 students: £227 each

4 students: £171 each


Deluxe Fee
1 student: £441

2 students: £331 each

3 students: £293 each

4 students: £221 each

All fees are paid in advance.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and goals

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07833 330 236

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