advanced spanish – ‘perfect tense’

advanced spanish

perfect tense


  • ideal for AS /A2 exams or for personal study
  • tailored to students of Spanish at an advanced level


Spanish may appear easy to learn but it’s tricky to master. At an advanced level, unless you can conjugate verbs or manipulate tenses, progress will be slow.

make grammar easy provides a firm scaffold for understanding verbs and tenses so you can learn the patterns, avoid the pitfalls and express yourself effectively. Once the grammar’s clear, everything else makes sense.


how the workshop can help

perfect tense clears up what’s unclear and helps you move beyond the blocks. Verbs and tenses will no longer be a mysterious concept but something you understand and enjoy. Once your verbs make perfect sense, you’ll be able to say what you mean to say, accurately.

perfect tense

what to expect


  • tailored explanations to get to grips with essential verb and tense concepts
  • exercises and activities across all four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) to apply knowledge and practise techniques
  • emphasis on authentic materials and target language to experience grammar in action
  • relevant past paper grammar practice, discussion and analysis of successful responses that reach the highest grades, with close reference to examiner reports


the essentials



  • reflexive verbs
  • modes of address (tú, usted)
  • radical-changing verbs
  • impersonal verbs
  • verbs followed by an infinitive
  • uses of ser and estar
  • perfect infinitive
  • negative forms
  • interrogative forms
    reflexive constructions


  • present
  • preterite
  • imperfect
  • future
  • conditional
  • perfect / future perfect / conditional perfect
  • pluperfect
  • passive voice
  • continuous tenses
  • gerund
  • past participle
  • subjunctive mood (all common uses)

what to pay

      • £ 75 – includes all study materials, drinks and snacks

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