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At the outset, I was reluctant to have tutoring. I felt that I didn’t need it, and it would encroach into my spare time.

As time went on, I began to see that I was getting help, targeted where it was needed, as well as useful tips and practice in exam technique. My confidence was boosted and I started to believe that I could do well.

Before going to eastuition I was at about a 5/6 level in English, and an A in Maths, but in my actual GCSEs, I achieved a 9 in English Language, an 8 in English Literature, and an A* in Maths.  The tutoring was definitely worth it!


I highly recommend eastuition to ANYONE thinking of getting tutoring.

I’m not a confident student, in fact I’m dyslexic and I struggle to believe in myself. However, not only did I go from a target grade of a B to an A* in my final GCSE English Language in just thirteen sessions, but SJ completely helped me learn to relax in exams, and rebuilt my confidence.

I cannot stress enough that tuition is great but it’s only going to work if you’re confident and comfortable in what you are doing – that’s where SJ comes in and goes beyond her duty to make sure you succeed as an individual, to the best of your ability.

Thank you again for everything you did for me in my GCSE’s. You really did help me so much and I couldn’t have done it without you.




I came to eastuition as I was really struggling with GCSE English, Maths and Spanish. I was at a ‘C’ grade in those subjects which wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I found the tuition really helpful. eastuition made the whole learning process more enjoyable than I found at school; it all really encouraged me to learn and boosted my confidence in the subjects where I struggled most.

Aside from the actual tuition lessons, I also got support with essays – evaluations with videos where I could actually see where I was going wrong, which really helped because my teachers at school never did that.

After working with eastuition, I ended up with an A* in English Language and an A in English Lit, Spanish and Maths.


When I started at eastuition, my English grade was at a ‘4’ which I really needed to improve.

Throughout all the sessions I had with Jane, we identified problems and tackled them through repetition and explanation, which is different from school where you might get a few notes at the end of a piece of homework on what you can improve on. At eastuition it’s all explained in real time and one-to-one, which was very informative and it really, really helped.

Leading up to the exams I got lots of support – I’d send emails with lines of text from questions I’d done and, soon afterwards, I’d get an answer explaining what I could improve on; that all really helped when it came to answering questions in the exams.

I really noticed when the process was working when, at school, the teacher was handing out the homework and she pointed at me saying, “you’ve really stepped it up a gear!” Knowing that really helped me and built my confidence in all the work I did afterwards.

I’d like to thank Jane and eastuition for all the help they’ve given me to get the grade I wanted – a ‘6’, which is a big difference from a ‘4’!


I came to eastuition because I got a ‘D’ in my A-Level English Literature mock and I knew I could do better.

All I needed was a confidence boost and to learn the Assessment Objectives more thoroughly.

I found the one-to-one sessions really helpful as they allowed me to focus on what I was doing rather than being in a classroom setting with twenty or thirty kids.

The extra support was great. Having essay feedback every week allowed me to see where I was improving and what specifically needed to be improved to get the top grades. There was also someone on the end of an email every day if I needed something; I could just send an email and get a response back quickly which was really helpful.

In my other subjects, it helped too. My essays improved greatly and the tuition enabled me to focus on the Assessment Objectives in other subjects and understand what they really meant.

I finally achieved a grade ‘B’ in my English Literature which was what I needed, improving two grades over the course of just a couple of months.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend eastuition to anybody. If you need it, just step up and go for it. eastuition allowed me to get the place I wanted at university.


When I first started AS Maths at the beginning of Year 12, I found it really difficult and I just didn’t really get it. In January, when we did the mocks, I got a ‘U’ in every single paper.

I found eastuition and came because of what I’d heard about the tuition. I met Gill, my tutor for AS Maths, and, as I was going through each Core (1, 2 and Statistics), she was very helpful; unlike school where they give you a general explanation, in the tuition sessions you could get down to the core elements that you were struggling with, and this definitely helped me.

In sessions with Gill, I was given lots of support with papers and problems I was struggling with, and, outside of sessions, I was given exercises to work on to improve certain aspects of the course. As a result, when the exams came, as opposed to getting a ‘U’, I got a high ‘C’, which I was very happy with.

If any students are thinking of coming to eastuition, I’d really recommend it; there’s a wide range of personal support for every area that you struggle with.


When I first came to eastuition, I was heading for a ‘C’ grade in my English GCSE.

The video feedback for essays was really useful as it allowed you to get the view of the examiner as if they were looking at your answer to a question.

One-to-one tuition was especially helpful as you’re the only person being focused on so you get all the attention; it means all the fine details get picked up on so you get to that extra grade boundary instead.

After all the sessions at eastuition, I managed to get an ‘A*’ in my English Language and an ‘A’ in my English Literature which is way above what I expected to get and what I was predicted. I would really recommend eastuition if you need some extra help with your work.


I have run my own business for over four years.   I found myself spending a disproportionate amount of time writing marketing communications, and spent hours of my life checking and re-checking my work, never quite feeling comfortable with the end result.

eastuition offered me a cost-effective package to increase the quality of my written communication.  We examined grammar, different styles and writing confidence.  I committed to 15 sessions over three months.

The outcome was nothing short of amazing. 

The quality of my work improved beyond recognition.  My writing style has become more powerful and sophisticated.  But what really surprised me – mainly thanks to Sarah-Jane’s personality – was the enormous amount of business confidence that I’ve gained.  Within a few days of completing the course, I could see the impact in my business development activities.  I also spend a lot less time procrastinating over marketing messages.

I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend eastuition to help you with your confidence and accuracy of your written communication.  For me, the cost of the course has already paid back in time saved and new business wins.

If you are considering using eastuition, then just do it.  I can honestly say that Sarah-Jane has had a significant impact on the success of my business.

I can’t thank you enough.

Donald Turner, Partner

BlueGreen Business Development



Thank you so much to eastuition and the most amazing tutor, S-J!

I went from a C to an A* in my English Literature retake, and went from not believing in myself to knowing that I could do it. Still in shock over my result. Thank you for everything.


In the short time that I was at eastuition, I learnt how to tackle and approach the GCSE English Language exam questions. With the new techniques I practised, I got the grade I wanted, which was brilliant.  Thank you, Sarah-Jane!


eastuition has really helped me. Sarah-Jane is an amazing teacher who will really help to improve your English grades. She is a lovely person. Her lessons are hard work but she will also make you laugh. She made me believe I could pass my GCSE English Language after I didn’t get it the first time, and then I did pass.

Thanks to her, I have more further study options available to me now that I have my English GCSE behind me. If you are looking for great personal tutors, then ring eastuition. Thanks again, Sarah-Jane.



Despite my son’s lack of belief and stubbornness, Sarah-Jane encouraged and cajoled him into working for his English GCSE re-sit in November, giving him tools, tactics and enough belief to produce success.

He went from a grade 3 to a grade 4, just three marks off a grade 5.  We are all delighted and relieved, and can’t thank Sarah-Jane enough for the hard work that she put in.  Fantastic help from eastuition !

Mr and Mrs Robinson, Woodbridge

eastuition made the impossible possible!

Our daughter, coming from Switzerland with a non-native English language background, decided to take her English GCSE test for the first time in early November. We discussed the ambitious project with her teachers at Framlingham College and finally decided to complement her lessons with the ASPIRE program at eastuition.

Sarah-Jane was very helpful and flexible to schedule the program. While we all knew it would be a challenge to get a pass with the little time of preparation, Sarah-Jane was pivotal to making the success possible. She helped our daughter to build greater confidence, always came across very pleasant, applied effective methodologies, and it felt like she was available 24/7 to review homework, even during mid-term break.

Mid-January we finally received the results, and we were all delighted to hear our daughter got the grade she aspired to.

Mr and Mrs Stolz, Meilen (Switzerland)



My wife and I can’t thank you enough! Our daughter has gone from a predicted ‘D’ to a ‘B’ in her English A-Level – wow!

We also think your tuition improved her ability to process and formulate essays in her Politics exam as this also went from a predicted ‘D’ to a ‘B’.

She has now secured herself a place at her chosen university, and we are sure that your tuition will assist her in her future studies.

We highly recommend eastuition to other parents. Once again, thank you.

Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Framlingham

Thank you so much for helping my daughter reach her potential – not only in securing an A* in her English (TWO grades above her predicted grade), but also in making such a difference to her self-belief which had struggled at rock bottom for some time.

I am absolutely delighted that, as a result of your support and belief in her ability, she has chosen to do English A-Level, something she would never had considered if it hadn’t been for eastuition!

Mrs Biddle, Woodbridge

 The tuition and support provided by Sarah-Jane at eastuition gave our son the tools to apply a systematic approach to each part of the English Language GCSE exam. We were delighted with his final result and he was noticeably more confident in his ability having had  one-to-one tuition.

We would recommend eastuition to other parents. Thank you, Sarah-Jane.

Mr and Mrs Wright, Framlingham

It’s been a hugely positive experience using eastuition . Great tutors, excellent teaching, and fabulous results achieved – A*!

Mrs Hunt, Framlingham 

Very many thanks for all of your hard work in helping my son to achieve such excellent GCSE grades  – 9 in English Language, 8 in English Literature, and A* in Maths.

Starting with a rather reluctant pupil, both of you not only sorted out his problem areas, but also gave him practical and useful advice, and most importantly, the confidence that he needed to succeed.

I would highly recommend eastuition to anyone.

Mrs Griffin, Ipswich

To parents who find themselves at a loss to support their teenagers through learning difficulties at school and exam technique: eastuition provides a method of teaching and support in a way that I could not find anywhere else in East Suffolk to help our son.


Not only did Sarah-Jane do the academic stuff, but more importantly, she was that steady hand and confidant in times of anxiety and loss of confidence. eastuition breaks through the long-term blocks and bad habits that create learning barriers. SJ’s ‘can-do’ attitude is fantastic!


You won’t feel disappointed if you work as a team with eastuition and your child.

Mr and Mrs Dellow, Framlingham



My daughter saw Jane at eastuition for English tuition during the holidays in the year leading up to GCSE’s. Jane was always warm, friendly, encouraging, efficient and very clear on what had to be done in order for my daughter to be successful at GCSE English. Jane had a calm confidence about her which eased both my daughter and my own nerves in the lead-up to the exams.

My daughter is dyslexic and Jane took this in her stride – really never making this an issue – but focussing instead on the strength of my daughter’s intelligence and creativity which served to boost her confidence immensely.

My daughter was successful in gaining both her GCSE English literature and Language this summer. I know that seeing Jane made all the difference both to the final result, and to making our lead-up to the GCSE’s a lot calmer than it would have been without her. I would highly recommend eastuition and Jane to anyone looking for a tutor for their child. I wish we had discovered them years ago!

Mrs MacLennan, Framlingham

Having just sat his last English GCSE exam, my son is very pleased that it is all over now but asked me to say a huge thank you to you, Sarah-Jane, as he couldn’t have done it without all your help and strategies.

Mostly he said that your training him to get that first line down so that his nerves/critical voice/writer’s block didn’t stop him in his tracks, was genius! He said you helped him know how to structure that first sentence and then get in the flow.

Huge thanks to eastuition from the whole family.

Mrs Eastleigh, Eye

 We were looking for help and support to boost our son’s confidence in readiness for his English GCSE exams; he was finding it hard to get his points across in exam situations so we gave eastuition a call. From the very first session with Jane, Alex came out full of confidence and seemed excited about the plans he had agreed.

He committed extra time to the homework set; attended each week with enthusiasm, and his confidence blossomed.  Jane was contactable it seemed at any time of the night when my son emailed example after example in the evenings leading up to his exam dates.

Result day came and a Grade 6 (old speak “B”) in both English Literature and English Language was achieved. He had jumped two grades from his mock results!  Our thanks to eastuition and Jane for all her amazing inspiration and for believing in my son.

Mrs Mackenzie, Framlingham

 We asked eastuition to help with our son’s GCSE English Language revision.  The support he (and we) received from Sarah-Jane Page was astounding.  SJ’s English tuition was excellent and really helped in a way that classroom tuition never could.

One of the most important things that SJ also did was to instil a great deal more confidence in our son – she helped him find a lot more faith in himself and, secondly, gave him tools to improve his exam technique overall.

I can’t recommend  eastuition highly enough.

Mr and Mrs Black, Framligham


Thank you, eastuition, for all your help and support whilst tutoring my daughter. She made fantastic progress and her confidence has really improved.

Soon after you began tutoring her I could see that her self-belief began to increase. This new found confidence in her abilities, not only helped her pass her English GCSE but has helped her in other aspects of her life.

Thank you. I would not hesitate in recommending you to other parents.

Mrs Griffiths, Laxfield

eastuition helped our son with his A-level (English Language) and GCSE (Maths) resits this year.

Over the eight-month period, we found them to be enthusiastic and professional in their approach, and we highly recommend them. He moved up a grade in both subjects and his results enabled him to get into Manchester University to study a subject he’s passionate about. He couldn’t have done it without eastuition!

Mr and Mrs Hill, Woodbridge 



A very belated thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm whilst tutoring my daughter.

She has made excellent progress with her spellings (she took a spelling age test last week and came out a year ahead!) but more importantly her confidence in English has dramatically improved. This has given her drive in all aspects, including reading, handwriting and her comprehension of texts.

Her progress in English has consequently assisted her in all school subjects. The difference between now and when she came to eastuition in October 2015 is vast!

Mrs Stace, Framlingham

Thank you, eastuition, for all your help and support whilst tutoring my daughter. She made fantastic progress and her confidence has really improved.

Soon after you began tutoring her I could see that her self-belief began to increase. This new found confidence in her abilities, not only helped her pass her English GCSE but has helped her in other aspects of her life.

Thank you. I would not hesitate in recommending you to other parents.

Mrs Griffiths, Laxfield

Immense thanks and respect to eastuition and the brilliant SJ who literally ‘flicked the switch’ to my daughter’s confidence and self-belief, turning her English Literature ‘B’ into an ‘A*’ within weeks.

Being told constantly at school that you have the ‘ability’, but have ‘an issue with exams and time-keeping’ does not promote confidence, particularly when no solutions or strategies are offered or put in place.

Believing that she was able to achieve, was lesson number-one with SJ, and my daughter never looked back.  The essay structures taught by SJ were invaluable tools for her GCSE success, across all subjects, and will no doubt serve her well in A-Level studies and for the future.

We were delighted also with Madeleine who helped enormously with my daughter’s GCSE Maths tuition. I am delighted with eastuition. Thank you.

Mrs Averdieck, Woodbridge

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for absolutely everything you’ve done for the girls since Easter. From the very first session when they got back in the car on an absolute high, to the final week when there was a lot of last-minute adjusting and pushing on through.

I don’t think you realise just how much influence you’ve had on them in both their working ethics and also self-belief that if they can achieve in English, they can also excel in other subjects too. Then there’s the final issue called confidence which you seem to hand out by the ‘bucket load’. Thank you.

Mrs Redgrove, Sudbury

Our daughter has improved immensely in her confidence since working with eastuition. I am certain that without Sarah-Jane’s input, she would have had to resit her exams in November. The tips provided are useful for essay writing per se, and are applicable across a broad range of subjects; useful, too, in future work and so proving an invaluable investment both now and for the future.

Mr and Mrs Mason, Framlingham

eastuition‘s help, guidance and support to my daughter in the run up to her English Literature GCSE was invaluable. Not only did Sarah-Jane cover the syllabus thoroughly but she put considerable effort and time into making sure my daughter went into the exam as confident and prepared as possible, which meant my daughter achieved the grade she so badly wanted. I would highly recommend eastuition to anyone looking for a tutor.

Mrs Spence, Woodbridge

Our daughter was consistently scoring grade ‘B’s in English but struggling to stretch that into the ‘A’ grade territory that she needed for her first choice University. eastuition was recommended by a friend and our daughter embarked on a five-month programme working closely with Sarah-Jane in reviewing her essay structure and overall approach to exam responses. The hard work achieved the desired results as our daughter reached the ‘A’ grade she desired and, with that, her first choice of University.

Sarah-Jane struck up a strong rapport with our daughter throughout their time working together and we would have no hesitation in recommending eastuition to anyone needing that extra boost to achieve their goals!

Mr and Mrs Auchterlonie, Framlingham



eastuition not only helped me with my literary skills but also really helped with my confidence towards the exam. The sessions also provided me with valuable revision techniques and helped boost my grade. Thank you.


‘I came to eastuition because I knew that I couldn’t structure an essay properly. However, that wasn’t my only obstacle! I had very low self-esteem and would panic a lot in exams which Sarah-Jane helped me to overcome – if I hadn’t, there would’ve been no possible way of me moving forward.

I started at around the ‘D’ and ‘C’ boundary. In my final GCSE Literature exam, I passed with a ‘B’ which I was so over-the-moon about and I feel very proud of myself.

eastuition is useful for students not only like myself but also for those who’d like to achieve the top grades but just need a little bit more of a push. I’m so thankful for everything you helped me with as I know for a fact I wouldn’t have ever overcome the ‘I can’t’ record playing over and over again in my head. Thank you.’



When I first came to eastuition, I was only able to achieve a B, no matter how hard I tried. I didn’t know how to get the A/A*’s.

During the sessions with Sarah-Jane, she gave me strategies to use which really increased my confidence and enabled me to achieve two A’s in my English GCSE’s overall. Thank you, Sarah-Jane.’


At eastuition I was tutored by Sarah-Jane in the Easter holidays before I took my ‘A’ level English Language exam in June 2016.

I found my lessons with her extremely helpful and, during the relative short period of time I had with her, we covered an enormous amount of the syllabus.

I found my exam technique improved significantly and that both my confidence and knowledge of the subject matter were considerably boosted.



Just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you gave to Bella with her English Literature GCSE. Your understanding and belief in her abilities opened up a door to literature that none of us knew was there.

We were so stunned and delighted with her ‘A*’ grade a year early as we could not have predicted that a year ago. Bella thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with you and it was a joy to watch her enthusiasm for the subject and her self-belief blossom before our eyes.

I would completely recommend eastuition to anyone wanting to increase their grade or just to get that ‘lightbulb’ moment where it all makes sense! Thank you, thank you.

Mrs King, Debenham

Sarah-Jane of  eastuition tutored my daughter from March 2014 to June 2015 in English. Despite the school claiming that everything would be fine for the English Literature IGCSE, they could not see the panic in my daughter that was beginning to overcome everything.

Sarah-Jane completely turned my daughter around. Sofia changed from a nervous wreck suffering panic attacks (mostly concerning English) and getting ‘D’ grades, to a confident student who achieved ‘B’s in both her English Literature and Langauge IGCSEs.

Tuition also helped Sofia overcome the problems with English that pervaded all other subjects and she achieved much better GCSE results than we could have hoped for when she started. eastuition was one of the best investments we could have made in our daughter’s future.

Mrs Cassy, Woodbridge

We went to eastuition to give our son the additional help we felt he needed to pass GCSE English Language and Literature this year. The outcome surpassed our expectations and we cannot thank Sarah-Jane enough for her incredible skill, patience and understanding in helping our son reach his full potential and achieve ‘A’ grades in both English exams.

He thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent with Sarah-Jane studying a subject he initially found boring and pointless, a view that was rapidly turned around by Sarah-Jane’s teaching methods and fun personality.

Sarah-Jane has a depth of knowledge, professionalism and care that enabled our son to attain exemplary grades. We would strongly recommend eastuition to anyone wishing to achieve their full educational potential.

Mr and Mrs Burgess, Debenham

  Sarah-Jane was simply brilliant with my daughter, who came away from a Literature Revision Class saying she had never learnt so much in one day. She achieved an A* in her GCSE and was inspired to take A-Level English Literature as a result.

 Mrs Dearlove, Framlingham

 My son, Will, read Sports Management at Leeds Metropolitan University. At the start of his third year, Will contacted eastuition as his dissertation was looming and panic was setting in! Sarah-Jane put together a package that suited Will’s needs – a learning programme that was conducted via email, Skype and text.

Will would submit the work he had done so Sarah-Jane could mark and annotate it; she’d give further feedback in video format explaining what the examiners would be looking for (having read the course requirements beforehand). It worked so well for Will. He took on-board everything Sarah-Jane explained and taught him, incorporating it into his written work. He was producing steady 2:1 results on all work submitted. His dissertation was a lot of hard work but he gained a First and his tutor singled him out for work very well done.

At university you don’t seem to have as much individual support as you do at school. Having Sarah-Jane was like having your own personal tutor on hand for the really difficult times – great teaching, support and understanding. With that help, Will went on to gain a high 2:1 Honours Degree (just two marks off a First!).

I would definitely recommend Sarah-Jane’s help to University students. Who would have thought that, struggling to gain a C grade at GCSE, Will would go on to achieve a First in his Marine Law dissertation and a 2:1 Honours overall?

eastuition is worth every single penny!

 Mrs Squirrell, Hollesley, Woodbridge


I’m really impressed with Sarah-Jane’s thorough approach. She establishes what kind of learner each student is so she can tailor her teaching to suit their needs, with carefully selected and well-structured activities.

She gets to know what motivates each student, sparking their curiosity and making learning compelling and meaningful. She’s passionate about teaching and learning; a truly inspirational teacher. Not only did our daughter get great results in GCSE English and Spanish, she’s also grown in self-confidence since meeting Sarah-Jane!

Mrs Morris, Debenham

Thank you, Sarah Jane, for inspiring May and giving her encouragement and confidence to do her best in her IGCSEs.  She enjoyed and would always look forward to her lessons with you and she always came away with a spring in her step.  She struck up a great relationship with you which she will always treasure.

Mrs de la Rue, Woodbridge

 We were so delighted when Henry achieved an ‘A’ in his Spanish A-Level – he could not have done this without Sarah-Jane of eastuition who worked him hard, was very persistent emailing him essays and speaking to him via computer constantly keeping him up to scratch!

She built up his confidence through her kindness and encouragement, particularly with the oral part of the exam, and really made him believe in himself. Sarah-Jane is an extremely experienced and skilled tutor and we are so glad to have found her.

Henry is so grateful for all her help and is happy to be going to university to read Spanish next year.

Mrs Sylvester, Framlingham


Signing up to eastuition with just a few weeks to go before my GCSEs, I thought that it was nearly impossible to get my predicted grade of a B in English Language, but the friendly yet focussed environment quickly got me on track.

I was getting C’s in my mock exams and class work, but then got an ‘A’ as my final grade, and for certain that was only because of the quality tuition I received.

I would highly recommend eastuition, whether it’s for a whole course of sessions, or just a few weeks. I can assure it will boost your grade dramatically.


Charlotte, Framlingham


Before I started at eastuition, I had no confidence in English; I found it pointless and boring, it was my worst subject. I was getting C’s and D’s which was under my capabilities. I knew I needed more for my A-Level courses, so I found eastuition.

Tuition was nothing like I expected; nothing like going to school. The environment you work in is chilled, it’s not like a classroom.

Sarah-Jane boosts your confidence. Her expansive knowledge of English helped me to get to two ‘A’s which was a massive, massive jump.

Sarah-Jane has a massive passion for wanting to help people that aren’t achieving their best. She’s confidence- boosting; she’s just amazing. I recommend coming to eastuition for however long you need to because she’ll get you places you never thought you could get to.

Zac, Debenham

Before I came to eastuition,I really lacked confidence in my Spanish. I was predicted a C early on in my A-Level Spanish and I didn’t want that. I was planning on studying it with Geography, at Leeds, and I needed an ‘A’, or if not an ‘A*’. So I came to EAS Tuition to improve my confidence and help me get the ‘A’ that I needed.

What I really found helpful about my lessons with Sarah-Jane was that they were one-on-one; compared to being in a classroom at school where a teacher is with you for five seconds before they move on to someone else, we really spent time getting to the problems of my Spanish, which was, in the end, confidence. We studied videos of past essays from past students really looking for what the examiners are looking for; we studied mark schemes and paragraph structure – all the things that were important in getting me to that top grade.

In the end, I did get that top grade I wanted. I got the ‘A’ that I needed, I even got an ‘A*’ in my Speaking exam, and I was so pleased. I would definitely recommend eastuition to anyone. Without Sarah-Jane, I think I’d still be at that ‘C’ level.

Henry, Framlingham

I first came to eastuition because I was getting ‘D’s on average in both my English Literature and Language, so I needed a bit of a boost to help me get through both of them and gain a bit more confidence in my English skills.

Doing English tuition really helped me because I was able to gain much more confidence, not just in English, but also in the other subjects I was doing. Sarah-Jane managed to get me from a ‘D’ grade to a ‘B’ grade in both my English Language and English Literature GCSEs.

Sofia, Woodbridge

At the start of year 11 I was predicted a ‘C’ grade in both English Lang and Lit, and in the end, with help from eastuition, I got an ‘A’ grade in both exams which allowed me to go to the Sixth Form that I wanted to go to so I was very happy.

Private tuition is a really good thing because it’s one-to-one; you don’t have time to switch off, whereas in class there’s a load of people and distractions. Tuition goes into so much detail, and it improves you overall as a person, as well as in English.

Laura, Debenham

I started at eastuition when I moved from Norfolk to Suffolk and they didn’t do Spanish at my new school, so I did it as a private candidate with Sarah-Jane.

Tuition was really good because there was no one in the class to intimidate me so it boosted my confidence.

After nine months of Spanish tuition, and also a bit of help with in English, I got an ‘A*’ in my Spanish GCSE and an ‘A*’ and an ‘A’ in my English, which I was really pleased with.

I recommend eastuition because it’s really fun and it boosts your confidence, as well as helping you get better grades.

Katie, Debenham



We went to eastuition who took notice of my son’s interests and his strengths; Sarah-Jane used his learning style to help him make fantastic progress. I’m absolutely convinced that without eastuition, my son would not have managed to achieve the grades he was capable of achieving.

Mrs Wyllie, Debenham

eastuition was able to provide guidance and the right level of support to my daughter in the preparation for her exams. Sarah-Jane is quick to recognise areas where more explanation and practice are needed and provides exercises to focus on these. It was very helpful to have someone help identify where the difficulties were and how to overcome them.

Sarah-Jane is an excellent teacher. She identifies and relates well with her students and has a natural ease in making lessons age-appropriate and relevant. I have participated in an eastution Beginner’s Spanish Class for adults and have enjoyed it immensely.”

Mrs Seffar, Stowmarket


Before I came to eastuition, I really struggled to convert  what I had in my mind on to paper, for both my English Literature and my English Language. The lessons were always fun and engaging and boosted my confidence so much that I can now say I’ve got an A* and an A – they’re grades I can be really proud of and I would never have dreamed of getting those sorts of grades two years ago.

Tate, Framlingham

  After working with Sarah-Jane for GCSE English, I got an A and fell in love with the subject so much I did it for A-Level. We worked together really well and it was actually really fun and because of all the hard work I got 100% in my A-Level exam. Without you, I wouldn’t have got the grades to go to the university of my choice. Thank you so much.

Sahara, Laxfield

Before I went to eastuition, I didn’t have much idea of what I was doing in my English and was heading towards a D. Lessons were good because Sarah-Jane was helpful and nice to talk to; a really friendly person who made it a lot easier to learn things. In the end I got an A and a B in the exams which was really good seeing as before I was going to have to re-take it.’

Sam, Debenham

Not only did she help me with my exam (I got an A* in my English Literature GCSE), but Sarah-Jane boosted my confidence in all exams. I felt I knew the books and the characters inside-out and without Sarah-Jane, I’m not sure I would have done. The fact that I only came to her four weeks before my exams, really proves how hard she works and how hard we worked together to boost my grade and my confidence.

Mabel, Framlingham

I was predicted a D grade in my English GCSE. I was very worried as in class I found it hard to understand certain things. So I made sure I saw Sarah-Jane as much as possible. She found all my weaknesses and from there we tackled them. In the end I got B grades in both English literature and English language, which I was thrilled with. She has been the biggest help to me and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is a great teacher – not only did she help me to achieve great grades but she also taught me to love the subject.

Edwina, Laxfield

You are an utter delight! I always feel that you serve up a piece of Spain in each lesson but you also make sure the nitty-gritty grammar is never forgotten. No reservations in recommending you to anyone.’

Sally, Saxmundham


I don’t know what we would have done without you in the run-up to my daughter’s GCSEs and during the exams. You were totally committed to helping her – going to great lengths, and giving up much of your time, so she could have the best possible chance. You became her mentor and inspiration. I could not recommend you more highly.’

Mrs de la Rue, Woodbridge

Without your caring and patient understanding and support, and excellent teaching skills, my son would never have achieved his excellent grades in English and Drama GCSE. You made the sessions fun and set challenging yet realistic goals. Thank you for all you have done.’

Mrs Cole, Otley

We were introduced to you as a tutor at quite a late stage in our son’s A2 Spanish course. He had been doing all right up until then, but he found that the intensive one-to-one sessions with you enthusing, rigorous and very helpful. You took him back over the basics and made absolutely sure that he had grammar and vocabulary well under his belt, so he could tackle the more demanding essays with confidence. You didn’t pull your punches with him if you thought there was an area that needed improvement, but you were also encouraging and supportive. Thank you for your help, and we are delighted to say that he has got his place at Bristol University to read Hispanic Studies.

Mrs James, Aldeburgh

eastuition has helped my daughter with both English GCSE and Spanish A-level.  Without doubt, in both instances she improved the grade that was achieved in each subject. However, beyond this, my daughter gained self confidence and organisational skills that I believe helped to improve her grades in all other subjects. Sarah-Jane’s style puts students at ease, builds their confidence and also significantly enhances their knowledge of the subject. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.’

Mrs Magnall, Debenham

We used SJ’s skills for both English and Spanish at GCSE and A-Levels, with outstanding exam results. She is highly professional and reliable, an excellent communicator for students of all ages, with a relaxed and friendly approach which is a great confidence booster. 10/10! Highly recommended.

Mrs Mee, Framlingham


Both for GCSE and A Level English Literature, I was having difficulty understanding a few parts of the syllabus. You listened to me and gave me a different approach, which sorted out these parts of the course for me. Your help made a real difference at such an important time.

Happi, Dennington

I always looked forward to my Spanish lesson with SJ; I was certain that I’d come away feeling that I’d learnt a lot, and with increased confidence in my linguistic ability at A Level. SJ is always positive, but also incredibly rigorous – I definitely wouldn’t have got my A without her!

Annie, Tunstall

You were amazing in helping me with my GCSE English, Spanish and Drama. You are kind and caring and understood how I liked working. No one could have had a nicer teacher. Thank you so much.

Rose, Woodbridge

Tuition has helped me tremendously with both English GCSE and Spanish A-Level. You were very supportive and helped me not only improve my grades but also my organisational skills, time management and self confidence. With my English you covered the areas I needed help in and got me from a C grade to get an A and B in my final results. Likewise with my Spanish, you helped me with all areas and helped me to improve my speaking assessment by 2 grades! I thoroughly recommend this tuition to anyone interested in seeking extra help.

Abi, Debenham


We are planning to travel to South America and realised that some good conversational Spanish would be very helpful. Sarah-Jane at eastuitionfitted the bill really well because she has travelled extensively in South America so was able to teach us South American Spanish, which has many different words to that spoken in Spain. Rosie and I had great Monday evening lessons when we learned in a very relaxed and enjoyable way.

Peter and Rosie, Dennington


  I found the extra help really useful for both my GCSE Spanish and for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. You were able to work with me to improve my grammar and build up my confidence in conversation. I would recommend you to anyone who is preparing for exams. You helped explain things really clearly and gave me lots of reassurance. I always enjoyed your lessons and I am very pleased with my results! I got an A* at GCSE and a 6 at IB 🙂

Emily, Stowmarket


SJ was very calm, patient, and non-pressurising. She lets you go at your own pace while also managing to boost your confidence and make learning enjoyable. I am so pleased I was able to learn from her.

James, Framlingham

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