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 Creative Writing

Whether or not you have a book in you, there’ll be thousands of words inside just waiting to be written.

Getting in touch with our creativity has countless benefits, yet all too often life gets busy and we don’t give ourselves the time or space to indulge that essential part of us.

Ironically, the faster we hurtle around and the busier we get, the more we lose sense of ourselves; perhaps one reason why creative writing classes are now more popular than ever. The structured time and focus of a class gives us permission to step off the treadmill, take a deep breath and re-invest in our creativity.

But what can creative writing do for me?

The act of making fiction is a magical process. When we let our pens roam with our imaginations, we unleash what we didn’t know we had. We get a better understanding of ourselves and of others. We confront time and history. We gather experiences and explore meaning. As Flaubert suggests,the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe’.

why eastuition Creative Writing Classes?

Creativity is a natural process that can’t be taught, but with the right approach, it can be accessed. The teaching of Creative Writing happens in exploring the ‘writing’ and facilitating the ‘creative’.

eastuition shows you how to see creative writing from the inside out. By observing the techniques and devices of fiction, and by practising and sharing writing yourselves, you learn to appreciate the art and craft of writing in ways you didn’t think possible.

I don’t teach formulas to make students better writers, instead I aim to make writers better students by encouraging originality, promoting difference and pointing out pitfalls. With individual guidance and group sharing, you find the way in your own way.

I just wish I’d found eastuition from the very start of my writing journey.

I’ve attended various courses in the past to try and hone my writing skills, the latest before this one was ‘An Introduction to Fiction Writing’ with the Writers’ Centre Norwich.  eastuition is in a different league!

The way Sarah-Jane combines her teaching skills with her writing knowledge is a magic combination, and I have learnt more in the last few weeks than I have in the last ten years.  Even my grammar has improved. It’s really highlighted for me how important it is to find a teacher who can really teach.

Sarah-Jane is so passionate about writing, it’s contagious.  I walk out of every session buzzing with motivation and bundles of confidence.

Diane, Aldeburgh

Upcoming Courses

We will be running Day Courses in Woodbridge in July and August – details coming soon!

Courses are suitable for amateur writers of all levels, from complete beginners to the more experienced. Classes draw on a variety of sources and activities, with exercises that require silent and individual work. There will be opportunities to share work amongst the group for those willing to do so.

The courses will include coverage of the following:

Starting to Write

Don’t know where to start? Learn how to find inspiration all around you to feed your creative ideas, then watch what happens when your pen meets the page.

Show don’t tell

Perhaps the strongest element to good writing is the power of showing not telling through unexpected details. You’ll be shown, not told, how to master this skill.

Character and Viewpoint

‘Character is plot, and plot is character’. Building character in fiction is a gradual process, starting with a glimmer of a personality. Once characters have revealed themselves, the plot thickens.

Setting and Description

How essential is setting to a story? How much description is too much? The setting of a narrative should be as present as any character, driving your story forwards. Bring a place to life with eye-catching details; learn how to show and not tell. Watch the space appear when description doesn’t clutter up writing.


There’s more to dialogue than just talking; good dialogue is one of the hardest elements of fiction to get right. Create dialogue that drives the story and reveals traits unique to each character.

Plot and structure

What’s happening where, and why’s it happening there? We’ll explore how plot and structure shape your work and impact a reader.

Planning and writing

Writing is much more than a roaming pen. Learn how to plan your writing so creativity can freely flow.

Taking ideas further

Learn how to take the seed of an idea and germinate it in the just right conditions so it can grow and grow.

Drafting and revising

Real writing happens after the first draft is on the page. Learn how to make your writing sparkle, sentence by sentence, so that every word counts.

All classes take place in Crown Place in the heart of Woodbridge

£75 for a day course with a two-course lunch and refreshments.

Early booking advisable.

For more details, contact Sarah-Jane on 01394 382 683 or email

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